Chestnut Oak Farm ... Established 2002

Chestnut Oak's Brave Spirit

Date of Birth:  5/29/2017
Registration:  International Drum Horse Association (pending)
Height:  Should reach 17hh
Color:  Solid Buckskin with Red Gene W20, four high white stockings, wide blaze, (E/e, A/a, n/Cr, W20/W20)
Sire:  GDR Sir Royal RIO Grande (Romi OG Olivers GOLD x GDR Rosies Royal Marilyn Monroe)
Dam:  Steege's Zena (Four L's Black Calypso x Steege's Pepper)
TRAINING:  Leads, picks up feet, ties, handled daily
PRICE:  $16,500.00

Born unexpectedly on Memorial Day 5/29/2017, we decided to name this surprise Drum colt "Chestnut Oak's Brave Spirit" in honor of our veterans. He is also a beautiful rich buckskin color so the name "Spirit" fits him well as we all know and love the Spirit movie, and in keeping with our "Drum" naming theme "Spirit Drums" is an Australian Drum Set Company (Heart of the Beat). Spirit is sired by our Silver Buckskin Gypsy stallion, GDR Sir Royal RIO Grande and out of our Champion producing Shire mare, Steege's Zena, and has an amazing pedigree! This boy is all legs and will be tall, with expected height close to 17hh! Very upright in build and well muscled, he is elegant and has animated movement with great hind end impulsion and high knee action. His half brother Luka won 1st Place in-hand Dressage at Devon PA 2016! He is exceptionally flashy marked with four crisp high white even stockings, and a gorgeous refined head with a nice wide blaze. Definite STALLION QUALITY and carries the red gene so can he produce both BUCKSKINS AND PALOMINOS with tons of chrome! Spirit comes with IDHA registration, in excellent health, and is handled daily. 





2018 Expected Gypsy & Drum Horse Foals

GENDER:  Colts & Fillies
Date of Birth:  2016/2017/2018
Registration:  GVHS & IDHA
Height:  14-17+hh
Color:  Rainbow of Colors!
Sire:  Rosewater Cassidy SID, GDR Sir Royal RIO Grande
Dam:  GHS Snow White, GHS Summer Night, SWF Blue Iris, Lady Sara's Dottie, Chestnut Oak's Foxy Hope, Steege's Zena, Steege's Beth (GVHS Gypsy mares & ASHA Shire mares)
TRAINING:  Will be trained to appropriate age level
PRICE:  Please inquire

We have top quality Gypsy Vanner & Drum Horse foals available for purchase by our fabulous registered Gypsy Vanner stallions, Rosewater Cassidy "Sid" (Black & White Tobiano) and GDR Sir Royal Rio Grande (HzW20 Silver Buckskin) and out of our beautiful GVHS registered Gypsy Vanner mares, and ASHA registered Shire mares.  Please contact us for more information.  We do not sell inutero, however we will put you on a waiting list if you are interested in purchasing one of our upcoming foals. Payments accepted until foal is weaned and ready for transport to his/her new home.

2017 FOALS:

1.  (DRUM HORSE) GDR Sir Royal RIO Grande x Lady Sara's Dottie, due 2/25/2017. (It's a Bay Roaned Dappled White Striped Colt, E/e, A/a, W20/W20), Chestnut Oak's March Flash, born 3/5/17, SOLD!
2.  (DRUM HORSE) GDR Sir Royal RIO Grande x Steege's Zena, due 6/21/2017. (It's a Buckskin w/Red W20 Colt E/e, A/a, n/Cr, W20/W20), Chestnut Oak's Brave Spirit, born 5/29/17, FOR SALE!

3.  (GYPSY VANNER) GDR Sir Royal RIO Grande x GHS Summer Night, due 7/30/2017. (It's a Silver Dapple Filly, E/e, a/a, n/Z, n/W20), Chestnut Oak's Royal Hot Cocoa, born 7/12/17, RETAINED!


1.  (GYPSY VANNER) GDR Sir Royal RIO Grande x SWF Blue Iris, due 2/23/2018.

2.  (GYPSY VANNER) Rosewater Cassidy 'Sid' x GHS Snow White, due 3/15/2018.

3.  (DRUM HORSE) GDR Sir Royal RIO Grande x Steege's Beth, due 4/27/2018.

4.  (DRUM HORSE) Rosewater Cassidy 'Sid' x Lady Sara's Dottie, due 6/13/2018.

5.  (DRUM HORSE) Rosewater Cassidy 'Sid' x Chestnut Oak's Foxy Hope, due 6/16/2018.

6.  (GYPSY VANNER) GDR Sir Royal RIO Grande x GHS Summer Night, due 6/23/2018.